Teacup dogs, an unofficial term and are celebrated for their charming and lovable small statures. No wonder they have gained importance as popular pets. Teacup dogs are abbreviated versions of larger breeds. These dogs can fit inside a teacup or designer purse.  They are also called toy dog breed, miniature breeds, and micro dogs. Mostly they are underdeveloped puppies smaller than average dog breeds and are considerably weigh less comparatively. Teacup dog is an umbrella term for Pomeranian, Poodle, Pomsky, Pug, Shih Tzu, Beagle, Maltese, Yorkshire terrier, Boston terrier, French bulldog, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise.

Paris Hilton popularized the world to Tinkerbell a Chihuahua on the TV show called The Simple Life and the demand for these dogs went up.  They became a fashion statement. These dogs fetch exorbitant prices. Teacups puppies are runts of the litter, smaller comparatively and weaker struggling to thrive because of birth defects and other medical conditions. Mostly a dog at least a year old is certified as a teacup dog in case it measures no more than 17 inches and weighs 4 pounds.

Interesting Facts About Teacup Dogs

  1. Health issues- The teacup puppies have several health issues such as liver shunts, hypoglycemia, heart issue, open soft spots on the skull, caving in the trachea, seizures, problems of the respiratory tract, digestive problems, hard of seeing, etc.
  2. Tending- Stumbling over this puny creature can lead to severe injuries as well as death. Injury can result from a falling object or attack from bigger dogs. Children in a playful act can injure them.
  3. Nourishment- As the dog is puny it is unable to store fat as do bigger breeds of the same size. The glucose level in the blood can go down. The feeding time should be consistent. And timely.
  4. House training- These dogs possess small pea-sized bladder which may lead to urine drops through the house. Prepare the house accordingly.
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Pros and Cons of Having Teacup Dogs

Pros of Teacup DogsCons of Teacup Dogs

These dogs are easy to carry along for outings like shopping, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Breeding malpractices make them predisposed to several health issues like hypoglycemia. The vet bill can go up.

The need for food quantity, space, toys, accessories is less thus cost of maintaining the dog goes down.

This dog will not indulge in playful activities like a normal-sized dog. This may disappoint the owner sometimes.
These dogs are permitted in the elevators of the apartment buildingThese are dainty dogs and must be handled with care
These attractive dogs attract a lot of attention from a passer-by and on social media.The owner needs more care, time, and attention.
They do not require strenuous amounts of exercise.Teacup dogs are at higher risk when they happen to get operated on as the organs are miniature and so is the frame.
The shedding is less and so is excretion thus cleaning the home is easier.The chances of meeting fatal accidents are more as they get invisible on the floor.
Traveling with teacup is very convenient.Bigger dogs and cats can gulp them as prey
 The cost is high.

How Long do Teacup Dogs Live?

The research-based results show that these puny dogs live longer than their bigger counterparts. However, the chances of developing health issues or inbreeding may shorten their lives. Inbred dogs are at higher risk of getting genetic disorders such as blindness or epilepsy. However, they may live up to 15 years. Different breeds have dissimilar lifespans, genetics as well as lifestyle. This contributes to an individual dog's life expectancy. If proper care is given to the teacup dogs, they live a long and fulfilling life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teacup Dogs

Some of the commonly asked questions about teacup dogs are answered below:

What are the Smallest Teacup Dogs?

The record for the smallest teacup dog in the world is 3.77 inches in height and it is a Chihuahua called Boo Boo. She was given the title in 2009 through the Guinness Book of World Records.

Do Teacup Dogs Stay Small?

Teacup dogs remain small forever. They may weigh about 2-5lbs or under, the length maybe 17 inches. These dogs are either premature or are runts. All through life they look cute. However, health issues may keep cropping up.

Are Teacup Dogs Genetically Modified?

Teacup dogs that are genetically engineered grow up to be between 2-4 Ibs.