Up to 26 Inches
Up to 14 Years
Up to 26 Inches
Up to 14 Years

One of the most ancient breeds of dog all over the globe, Podencos can be a very interesting pet to keep. Also known by the name ‘sighthound’, they are specialized in hunting and have been traditionally used for the same purpose. Even today, they are employed for hunting boars and rabbits in some parts of their native land. Their origin can be traced back to Spain and ancient Egypt. Podencos possess a keen sense of sound, sight, and smell. Furthermore, they have commendable speed, endurance, and agility. It is said that they have even climbed trees in pursuit of their prey. 

Even after being exceptionally efficient, they are often mistreated, abused, and abandoned. They are seen more like a hunter than a pet. However, Podencos are quite friendly in nature and can get along with their owners very well. Dogs are considered as one of the finest friends for humans and Podencos will never disappoint anyone with that. This article stands as evidence for the same. Nevertheless, it is still a pet and needs proper care. A little expertise will be recommended for the owners. For the rest, here’s all you need to know. 

Distinctive Features of Podenco 

Breed NamePodenco (group of breeds)
LifespanVaries by breed, typically 10-14 years
SizeVaries by breed, typically 14-26 inches
WeightVaries by breed, typically 15-35 pounds
CoatShort to medium-length, dense, and often wiry or smooth
ColorVarious colors and patterns, including solid, brindle, and multi-colored
Health riskModerate (may be prone to certain health issues like hip dysplasia and eye conditions)
Unique traitSlender, athletic build and elongated muzzle
Famous forHunting skills, agility, and endurance
TemperamentActive, intelligent, and independent
MaintenanceModerate (requires regular exercise and grooming)
AdaptabilityModerate to high (can adapt to different living environments)
BehaviorGenerally good, but early socialization is important
PersonalityEnergetic, alert, and may have a strong prey drive
SocialMay be cautious with strangers and require early socialization

Podencos are categorized in various different types, varying in size and appearance. However, they all are referred to as Podenco in general. They all share common characteristics. For example, they all eat the same kind of food and need a high amount of physical training. Well, before diving any deeper into the same, here’s a list of some of the basic features of a Podenco dog.

Now, apart from these basic characteristics, there are several other features of Podencos that make them unique, elegant, and interesting. These would help the owners to understand their pet Podenco better and give them the treatment they require.

  • Podencos are quite friendly in nature and make close bonds with all the family members. They are very loyal and affectionate towards their owners if treated with respect and love.
  • They act gently towards the kids. However, the kids should be taught to behave respectfully with the pet Podenco.
  • Podencos can be housed with other dogs with the expectation that they would befriend them. However, their hunting instincts can be dangerous for other animals. So, if there are other pets in the house, they should be introduced to the Podenco in a manner that they can see them as a friend.
  • Podencos may take some time to recognize and trust the owner. Once they do, they will treat the owner appreciably well. Until then, it is the duty of the owner to make them feel comfortable and safe.
  • Podencos need high-intensity physical training. They can behave unusually irritated if they don’t get sufficient exercise.
Podenco Looking
Pet Podenco Sleeping

How to take care of Pet Podenco? 

Podencos are not one of those pets that love to throw tantrums. They are mature and a pleasure to keep. They won’t unnecessarily create chaos in the house or bark without cause. If they are provided with quality food and a good amount of physical exercise, they would be sufficiently happy. However, they have a high level of energy and if they don’t get any way to let it out, they can get frustrated and act in an unpleasant way. Hence, they are suitable only for people or families who have an active lifestyle. Apart from this, they are not difficult to care for. 

Unlike a lot of other dogs, they don’t need too much grooming. The coat type can vary depending upon the type of Podenco, but the maintenance still remains easy. Usually, all the Podencos have a short and smooth coat. Brushing their coat once a week is usually enough to keep the hair hygienic and shining. One thing to avoid is overgrown nails. The nails should be cut as soon as it starts to grow extra. If their nails grow too much, it can interrupt their normal walking and can lead to more concerns. Also, there’s a probability that the nails would start curling inwards causing them pain. So, bigger nails should better be avoided. 

What to Feed Pet Podenco? 

Like other dogs, Podencos should be fed with high-quality dog food. A balanced amount of nutrition is essential for them to stay healthy and grow well. One may serve them with cottage cheese, cooked eggs, or fresh veggies and fruits. Some of these can make it to the favorite food list of the pet Podenco. The owners need to observe and note what kind of food is preferred by their pet dog. Normal human food should be avoided as it can create nutritional imbalance. The meals should be accompanied by a bowl of fresh water.

The amount and frequency of food vary with the age of the pet Podenco. Puppies between 8 to 12 weeks should be fed four meals every day. Once they become 3 to 6 months old, they should be provided with meals thrice a day.  Between 6 months to 1 year, they should be served two meals a day. After completing its 1st year, one meal a day is probably enough to meet their food requirements. Some of the Podencos may prefer it in two halves though. The feeding bowl and the water bowl must be cleaned regularly. If they are left dirty, it can lead to unhealthy conditions for both the dog and the people living in the house.

Health Concerns of Pet Podenco 

Since they are a breed of dog well-known for their hunting skills, one can easily assume they have a strong and tough build. They are not easily affected by any sort of major illness. However, there are a few health problems one needs to know; it will go a long way in keeping the pet Podenco healthy.

The Podencos that have a large spine and short legs are quite vulnerable to back pains. They may suffer from slipped or ruptured discs. This should be considered while training them and the activities should be planned accordingly.

Like any other large dog, the Podencos with large body sizes can suffer pain and other problems in their hip joints. This is a common problem among this breed and it is essential to treat it within time. 
Owing to low blood pressure and metabolic rate, Podencos can be very sensitive to anesthesia. In the worst case, it can lead to a cardiac arrest. Hence, if a Podenco dog is going through a surgery of any type, their anesthesia sensitivity should be strictly kept in mind. 

The poor health conditions can be avoided by ensuring that the pet Podenco has a well-balanced diet, adequate physical activity, and regular health check-ups.

What is it Like to Keep Pet Podenco? 

Keeping a pet Podenco has a lot of merits. From being a loyal friend to ensuring your safety, it’s one of the most well-suited dogs to keep as a pet. Not being a high-maintenance pet is the cherry on the cake. Well, to give a clearer picture, here’s how it feels to have a pet Podenco (though the list is endless).


Due to their friendly nature, Podencos prove to be a great companion for all the family members, from adults to kids. They love to play and interact with others which makes them a perfect friend. If there are other dogs at the home, it will keep them engaged as well. They sure make the atmosphere lively and cheerful.

Home Protection

Podencos don't belong to the group of dogs that keep barking unnecessarily. However, they are very alert and bark even at the slightest of threats. This trait helps to keep others around them safe. If anybody has a pet Podenco at their home, they can sleep in peace without any worry. If it comes to the worst, Podencos never shy away to protect their masters.

Fitness Partner

Podencos are very active and energetic. They need to channel this energy into some sort of physical activity like games or exercise. Apparently, this means that taking care of a pet Podenco means that the owner needs to stay active as well. Hence, Podencos tend to be a very good fitness buddies. 

Loyalty and Affection

Podencos are very loyal to their humans. They sure take their time to get along with someone at first but once they do, they put all their heart into loving that person. Dogs are already well-known for being the most loyal pets and Podencos take that even further. Before anyone realizes it, they would become a part of the family.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Podenco 

Some of the generally asked questions about Podenco are answered below:

Do Podencos make good pets?

Podencos are very friendly and affectionate. They bond with all the family members including kids and adults. They possess all the qualities of being a perfect pet. 

Can Podencos live with cats?

Podencos have the instinct of a hunter. Even though they get along well with other dogs, they don’t naturally behave the same towards cats. So, pleasant introductions are important. 

How much is a Podenco?

Podencos are a bit expensive and can cost the owners around a thousand dollars or more.