Most people will survey the market to pick up a puppy that suits their needs and environment. It is for these people, reputed breeders experiment. They crossbreed dogs and bring about novelty in height, fur, etc. Cavapoo or Cavoodle is one such breed a cross between calm outgoing Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and an intelligent Poodle. The preference for cross-breeding was with Mini Poodle because it has strong health genes.

This experiment happened in Australia. The Australian breeder was delighted in 1990 to bring about a breed that was a hypoallergenic and low-energy companion. The facial expression is friendly and pleasing to the eye. The face is round and the big almond outline of eyes and floppy ears makes it picture perfect. These intelligent, friendly curious, and sociable dogs incite feelings of love in you. In case you wish a loyal, frolic social pup that follows you around and snuggles on the couch it is Cavapoo and you have made the right choice.

Distinctive Features of Cavapoo Dog

Cavapoo is the recent addition among existing breeds. Thus, the standard for size is not fixed. However, assume it to be either small or medium based on the size of the parents. It weighs 9-25 pounds, size 9-14 inches exceptions may be bigger or smaller. They may look more like a Cavalier or a poodle depending on the dominant gene. If like Cavalier shed and the puppy may also do so. Cavapoos attain full growth by eight months. They are fully mature by 12-18 months.

Cavapoo Playing in Field

There is a wide variation in the color of the coat. They may be fawn, gold, cream, chocolate, chestnut black, or white. Tricolored black, white and tan are appealing and cute. The Blenheim is brown and white. The coat can be short, pliable, with a wavy predisposition. The dog does not shed but needs trimming often. The three coat variety is hair, fleece, and wool. Fleece is commonly found and is smooth to touch. Hair coats are rough and comparatively shed more. Wool coats are as tight curls and low in shedding. Cavapoos can withstand mild cold as well as heat. Extremes in weather conditions are not tolerated by them.

The maximum life term for these dogs for 18 years. On average, they live to be 12-15 years. The body is sturdy with a round head and long ears. The eyes are dark and nose black on color. It completes the teddy bear look.

However, make sure you do not leave them alone for a long stretch of time. They experience separation anxiety. The best part of crossbreed offspring was that the superior traits inherited from parents. These dogs soon had celebrity status and reached the USA and UK.

Guide to Take Care of Pet Cavapoo

People love these dogs as they look adorable. However, taking care of Cavapoo is not like any other dog. Get the information about what to feed, how to train, and know about their health concerns here.

Cavapoo Lying on Floor

What to Feed Pet Cavapoo?

The dog should be fed once in the morning and once at night. Healthy dry food suffices for the dog. Some dogs are a foodie and get obese so control their food cravings in between meals. Consult the vet for the type of diet to be given.

What are the Health Issues of Pet Cavapoo?

Cavapoo is likely to get health issues found in parents. Periodical checks up with a vet is the best thing to do. The common ailments include gradual retinal atrophy, hereditary heart attacks, and sliding kneecaps.
Cavapoo has the stamina to go for long walks. Playful activities at home keep them in good spirits. Their tolerance for heat is limited. Make sure they do not wear a muzzle for a long time. They then suffer from heat stress. Keep them in the shade with a lot of cool water.

A good thing about these dogs they do not shed. The coat keeps on growing longer. It is mandatory to make it untangled means thorough brushing once a week. They require trimming every month. You can trim matted hair once in a while at home as well. The eyes water leaving tear stains. As advised by the vet clean the eyes with a medicated solution and with cotton rub the stain clear. Clean ears frequently and trim nails on a monthly basis. Teeth require daily cleaning otherwise dental issues crop up.

How to Train Pet Cavapoo?

Cavapoo is not difficult to train as most of the time they are anxious to please. They love acceptance and praise, are agile and obedient. Training should start early. In the absence of training, they can be destructive creatures. They chew in growing up years as a past time. They greet family members and strangers with a wagging tail. It is because they love attention.

These dogs are very sensitive to human reactions so training needs not to be aggressively biased. Use of positive reinforcement during training changes behavior in the right direction.

Video Credits: Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

In growing up years, socialize the pup through interactions with humans and other pets. This way dog will be a confident and loving creature. Cavoodles are tiny and delicate so should be handled with care. They are not guarding dogs as their nature is friendly. However, they bark when anticipating a threat. For puppies make training rapid, fun, as well consistent. Despite a short attention span, they will learn.

Frequently Asked Question About Pet Cavapoo

Here we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about the Cavapoo. Feel free to leave your question if you don't find it here.

Are Cavapoos Barkers?

Cavapoos are not compulsive barkers. Their bark may alert you about a stranger around the house. However, they do not a watchdog. They befriend the stranger within minutes. Moreover, the attention span is short so keep them on a leash when you take them out. These dogs do not like to be left alone for a long time and give out barks to get back the owner. Added to bark is howling, crying, and biting into things as well as pacing. This is separation anxiety.

Is a Cavapoo a Good Family Dog?

Cavapoo flourishes on the companionship of the human family. The amiable energetic agile and brainy dog gets adjusted to people and pets readily and fast. The size of the house does not matter and lives happily because it is adaptable. Cavapoo is affectionate warm and gentle and enjoys time with the family. They happily accept their owners whether single, elderly, energetic, or couch potatoes.
The dog's temperament is based on inherited genes and the way they are reared and trained. They are trustworthy with children of all age groups. With older children, they get involved in active playtime on lawns or at home. They get along with families with more dogs. The prey drive is strong so its approach towards cats and small animals like a squirrel is not congenial. Take care that children are not aggressive towards them which may lead to injury.
Cavapoo does not need special care and lives the life of the family. They love to follow the owner for long walks and jogs. It likes to snuggle and is also called a therapy dog. When it is left alone for long time loneliness makes it destructive. Otherwise, it is always eager to please. They are happy to get attention. These dogs are easy to train. They enjoy tracking as well as retrieving games. Make sure that the tired dog sleeps for 12 hours for puppies and 6 hours for adult and older dogs.

How Much Should I Pay For a Cavapoo?

The cost of the Cavapoos varies with the age and color of the puppies. The breeder waits for 10-11 weeks prior to selling the litters. The tri-colored puppies are more expensive.

How Big do Cavapoo Dogs Get?

The Cavapoo reaches the height of 9-14 inches and weighs 12-25 pounds. Both parents the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle are a small breed and Cavapoos growth is according to parents.