Just the sobriquet name teddy bear dog brings forth images of cute and cuddly creatures. These hybrid dogs have soft fur, noses button-like, stand-up ears, and affectionate eyes. You see the dog and want to hug it. They are very appealing and give comfort and joy. This dog category appeared in 2000. As therapy dogs, they very well served the needs of handicapped children. Soon the breed became popular among the population for emotional stability. You may be depressed they are pain reliever because of cuteness as well as jolliness.

The affectionate name teddy bear dog comprises many different pure breed designer species that appear like stuffed toy teddy bears. However, refrain from handling them as non-living creatures. Even children should be taught to handle them delicately.

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Teddy dogs' temperament is decided by the intermixing of breeds and socialization, training as well as living circumstances. 

Purchase Teddy dogs from registered breeders. The range of cost varies because different individuality has to be kept in mind. Rescue dogs are also available. You can adopt one. The cost of a pup and a more mature teddy dog varies.

The Distinctive Features of Teddy Bear Dogs

The crossbreed small dog weighs 12-20 pounds and measures about 12 inches. The approximate life longevity is 12-16 years. These are low shedding breeds but the hair has to be trim at regular intervals. Otherwise, the hair becomes matted and tangled. Brush the dog daily and give a bath at regular intervals. Other grooming activities include brushing teeth, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. The texture of the coat varies once they grow up.  The hair can be medium-long, long, curly, or straight.

The dogs reach their adult size by 6-24 months. The puny breed grows stops by the time they are 6-8 months. Medium breed matures by 12 months.

Smaller breeds among them comparatively live longer than bigger breed dogs. Pooched-type dogs go to live from 12-16 years. The factors that affect the longevity of life are diet, genes, and lifestyle. Despite being small they require a lot of care. A number of these breeds are hypoallergenic; it means humans coming in contact with them there is no allergic reaction. However, you need to confirm the specific mix features from the breeder. Most teddy bear dogs do not shed or shed very little. These dogs do not smell unless they roll over the ground or get dirty otherwise. A periodical bath is very necessary. The dog's health is influenced by genes, the general environment, and nutrition. Maintain a good balance between diet as well as exercise.

What to Feed Pet Teddy Bear Dog?

The diet of a teddy dog is more or less like other dogs. Get the best quality within your budget. Make sure your dog does not have a food allergy and digestive problems.

What are the Health Concerns of Teddy Bear Dog?

A couple of health issues with the teddy dogs is Patellar Luxation. It is the knee cap that gets dislocated. Many factors give rise to this condition. Another one is progressive retinal atrophy or PRA. If left untreated it causes loss of vision. For this, there is no treatment.  

What Kind of Dog Breed is a Teddy Bear Dog?

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Teddy dogs are also called Zuchon or Suchon. These dogs need regular grooming as well as maintenance. It is a hybrid created after the cross-breeding of two pure breeds.

Teddy bear dogs are either purebred or hybrids. The pure breed among them is Cockapoos, Yorkies, Teacup, Zuchons as well as Maltipoos. The designer teddy blend has breeds like Poodle, Frise, Bichon, Shih Tzus, etc. Poodles mixed with Yorkshire Terriers have pups called Yorkie Poos. Maltipoo breed is created by breeding Maltese and Poodle. A mix of Poodle with Bishon Frise is Poochon or Bichpoo. It lives until the ripe age of 15 years. These are considered intelligent dogs. They love socializing.


Zuchon Dog or Shihchon is a blended mix of Bichon Frise and the Shih Tuz.  It is a puny dog 12-14 pounds in weight and 12 inches tall. Its life is 15 years. They like to stay in a company. Pomeranian has dense fluffy hair fur, curly tail, tiny ears, and face like a teddy. The origin goes back to the Spitz family. Strangers make them shy. Teacup Pomeranian is mini in size.


Shih-poo is the mating outcome of Shih Tzu and a Poodle. It is an intelligent dog and trained with ease. It comes in different shades of brown, black, red, cream, and white. It lives up to 15 years. Golden-doodle is born by bringing together a golden retriever and miniature poodle. It is easy to train. It suffers from separation anxiety if left alone. The various shade is grey, black chocolate, cream, and red to golden.

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Maltipoo dog is a creation of Maltese and a Poodle. This tiny creature is 14 inches tall. This affectionate dog is intelligent and easy to train. Morkie is a crossbreed between Maltese and Yorkshire terrier. They are social affectionate dogs. They bark when left alone. Schnoodle is a product from Schnauzer and a poodle. There is color variation. They need a lot of grooming. These dogs are attention seekers and social.  Cavapoos are cross-bred between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It is a socially intelligent dog and can be trained with ease. Maintenance is high. Malshi is a crossbreed between Shih Tuz and Malshi. These are nervous dogs and bark a lot. Their life span is 14 years.


Cairnoodle is the result of a relationship between a Cairn terrier and a Poodle. It is puny in size, social and affectionate breed. They do not like to be left alone. Westiepoo is the breed of West Highland white terrier and a Poodle. There are color variations. They are agile active dogs. Shorkie is a crossbreed between Yorkshire terrier and Shih Tzu. They can get a breathing problem because of their nose shape. Pomapoo is created through the mating of fluffy Pomeranian and Poodle. These are active friendly dogs.


Yorkipoo is the outcome of the relationship between a Yorkshire terrier and a Poodle. These are small dogs but appealing. Pomchi is the breed of Pomeranian and puny Chihuahua. It is among the smallest dogs. They come in a range of colors. Peekapoo is a crossbreed between Pekingese and Poodle. It's an appealing dog with weak health. Cavachon is a cross between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. It is a friendly dog.

Do teddy bear dogs bark a lot?

Whether a teddy dog barks a lot will depend on its breed. Some of them do not like to be left alone and bark continuously when left alone. When trained well they get more disciplined and curb their barking habit.

Are teddy bear dogs good family pets?

The temperament of these dogs depends on the breed and reciprocation of their love. Teddy dogs are cuddled by the owner and both love to play with each other. Teddy dogs get along with children, and other pets in the family. Once attached teddy dogs do not wish to leave the family. They get separation anxiety. 
When trained from an early age they pick up the training module pretty well. They follow the tricks and commands very well. Give some exercise in the form of a walk and playful time inside the house. It will keep their health strong. These pets are affectionate, smart, and entertaining creatures for the family. If you bring a pup to the house he will learn to get along with other pets around. However, if a little mature dog is added to the family you will have to coax him to get along with other pets. You can enjoy your time together.  In case you wish to adopt a teddy dog gather information about the breed and its reactions and health condition.

Are teddy bear dogs aggressive?

If some of the teddy dogs are not trained and socialized they are likely to act aggressively.  Be selective in choosing the right breed mix and arrange training sessions for him. Socialization is also important. So informative years give good training so the dog fits in your lifestyle.