Do you know that sphynx cat or naked cat is the result of spontaneous natural genetic mutation? It is not a peculiar happening. This hairless variety made an appearance almost a century ago. Its country of origin is Canada. Sphynx cats were actively crossed with Rex cats ever since 1960. Henceforth, this breed gained popularity.

The color and pattern variations are plenty. Colour could be white, red, black, blue, silver, cream, tortoiseshell, brown, off-white, and golden. In the pattern, it is classified as tortoiseshell, bicolor or tricolor, tabby, smoke, shaded, mink, etc. The ears, toes, and nose of the cat are covered by downy tufts. Paw pads are thick and tail whip-like. Sphynx cat maneuvers its toes just as fingers to check whatever gains its attention. If you examine the sphynx cat you will discover that it has a very fine short coat of fuzz. It resembles suede. The tendency to shed is low. There is a pigmentation style on the skin.

Sphynx Cat

A small percentage of these cats are without eyelashes. As a result, dirt finds its way into the eyes. Thus, eyes be cleaned using a wet cloth followed by wiping it gently. Eye color varies. It lives from 8-14 years. The sphynx cat demands high attention from owners.

It is advisable to bathe the sphynx cat once a week. The wrinkles in-between spaces should be well cleaned. The furless cat’s ear must be cleaned as dirt and impurities easily find entry into the ear. It settles there. Wipe with a warm, damp cloth. Contact the vet if you happen to see redness or odor near and in the ear. Nails should be trimmed, and teeth care given to the sphynx cat at regular intervals.

Sphynx cat has active metabolism so requires more food. Eating regulates body temperature and keeps them warm. These cats are more likely to give out smells compared to other cats. Ensure sphynx cat eats nutritious food in every meal. Serve bowl full of clean water frequently. Caring for a sphynx cat should include a proper diet. It is so because the type of diet served will influence the amount of oil the skin makes. A better nutritious diet, less oil production. Oil collection happens quickly and can cause skin problems, infection, and ear wax. Sphynx cat leaves behind oil stains in places like sheets, cushions, etc they use frequently.

Do Sphynx Cats Make Good Pets?

Sphynx cats are very loving and friendly. They will welcome you at the door. As they are easy-going there is no safety issue if children, dogs, and other cats live with them. The Sphynx cat loves companionship and attention. So do not leave them alone. Below the wrinkled exterior, it lives a very lovable, inquisitive, energetic, and good-natured life. The owner feels entertained by them because of their playful nature.

Sphynx cat loves to be cuddled as well as sit in the lap. They adore meeting people. If attention is denied to them, they either get angry or cry or destroy things in their surroundings. Playful at chase games, a good jumper and reach out at high places. Sphynx cat is highly intelligent and learns tricks rapidly.

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These inquisitive cats have monkey tendencies. They open boxes, cabinets, and like to steal items that catch their fancy. Once the novelty of owning a cat wears away the owner may feel frustrated by these habits. Sphynx cat can be compared with a human two-year-old who does not grow up.

The problem with pet Sphynx cats erupts as they require more care due to their hairless body. They require regular grooming and constant companionship. The owner must be an affectionate one. The Pet owner should not leave the cat for a long duration else it can get depressed. The owners should be prepared for the high maintenance of these cats. This special need must be looked after. If care is improper the body gets covered by brittle debris of oil, perspiration, and split skin.

How to Take Care of Pet Sphynx Cat?

Because of greasiness, it becomes mandatory for sphynx cats to get a bath occasionally say twice a month. These cats dislike water and should be made to tolerate it. Gentle shampoos with natural ingredients like coconut oil help in removing dirt as well as grime. The owners can use a wet cloth to wipe and clean rather than immersing the animal in the water. Dry the cat quickly to keep the skin from chapping. That is why bathing frequently is not recommended.

Know What To Feed Pet Sphynx Cat

The owner must be careful what type of diet is served to the sphynx cat. Balanced raw food is suitable to prevent food intolerance. The poop stinks are reduced, and skin problems are less. One cat can eat ½ pound of raw food on a daily basis. The food bill is high.

Keeping Sphynx cat warm in cold weather

The sphynx cat needs to be kept warm as they do not have fur. A heater in a cold climate, pre-warm beds or bed with pillows and a snuggly blanket, microwavable heating pad, or plenty of sun will suffice. Not all Sphynx cats like to be dressed in warm clothing. There are individual differences in the reaction to dressing. Some of the cats get confused and unhappy when dressed. They can trip and fall as well.

A long time under the sun may get them sunburn. Sphynx cat gets cold quickly and sunburn happens with ease. Use woolens for the sphynx cat in peak winters and keep it indoors away from the strong sun in summers. Sun exposure should be limited. This will keep them healthy. The grooming needs of the sphynx cat is high.

Health Issues of Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cat is expensive to purchase. The legal contract, as well as medical records, must be up to date. In the eventuality of the cat falling sick, the treatment is expensive. The owner may need to take out health insurance. There are fundraisers specifically for sick sphynx cats.

The health issues in Sphynx cats are many. Preventive check-up costs a huge sum and specialist supervision. They may suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy as they age. Screen the cat for it regularly. Other health issues include food allergies, skin ailments feline hyperesthesia. etc. The cats are prone to ear infections. Owners must alert and constantly clean ears and remove wax. The paws gather grime in between toes. If not removed leads to infection. This cleaning must be done twice a week. Dental cleaning must be regular. The chances of dental extraction cannot be ruled out. This procedure is expensive. Human allergies are secondary to the allergies on cat skin.

Once the Sphynx cat is brought home as a pet, find out a good veterinary doctor with experience in cat diseases. It will help in the right diagnosis. Sphynx cats should be vaccinated and given health check-ups to safeguard them from diseases. Vaccination for viral and bacterial infections like calicivirus, panleukopenia, Rabies, leukemia, and rhinotracheitis can be administered to the cat. Core vaccines should be given by the vet.

Fleas ticks can manifest on the skin and ears of the cat. Unclean water-contaminated soil can lead to hookworms, heartworms, roundworms, whipworms in the system. These conditions are very painful and can even lead to the death of the cat. Humans may also get infected by parasites.

Is it Legal to Buy Sphynx Cat?

Sphynx cat is expensive to purchase. The legal contract, as well as medical records, must be up to date. In the eventuality of the cat falling sick, the treatment is expensive. The owner may need to take out health insurance. There are fundraisers specifically for sick sphynx cats.

Why Are Sphynx Cats So Expensive?

Why are Sphynx cats so expensive

Sphynx cats are costly because a healthy kitten should be procured from the reputed cattery. Kittens are sold with a family tree. The blood group of cats is informed to the owner. The established cattery does its homework well at a cost. The kitten's medical records are transferred to the owner. Genetic or congenital defects guarantee is given for one year or a lifetime. The cattery specialist conducts tests on the mother and father cats for diseases like

(HCM), Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD), Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD1), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome (CMS) and Feline leukemia virus (FeLV), Feline Upper Respiratory Disease (URD).

The cattery is given away after 16 weeks of birth. They are trained for the litter box. Microchipping is done. A legal contract is signed and given to the owner. Responsible breeders inform in contract to return the cat if health problems erupt with the passage of time.

Sphynx cats are purebred but hard to get. That makes it costly because of the demand-supply issue. Breeding involves a lot of expense. During breeding and later they need special care. Two varieties of cats have bred: the pet variety and show variety. Show variety is more expensive because of breed standards. It species temperament, hue, size, proportion, etc. Pet cats have an inadequacy in perfection, temperament, and appearance. Females are more expensive than male cats.

How Big Do Sphynx Cats Get?

How big do Sphynx cats get

The conventional sphynx cat has a height of 8-10 inches. The body length varies between 13-15 inches. The weight is 5-6 kg and the cat lives up to 10-15 years. Sphynx cat has narrow body angular wrinkled face and big satellite dish like two-three-inch-high ears. The eyes are lemon-shaped with a slight slant near the upper corners. The belly is rounded. The body is smooth and hairless. Females are smaller than the male cat.

Sphynx cat is sturdy, muscular, medium-boned, and athletic in looks. The cheekbones are prominent and look like the Egyptian cats of lore. Sphynx cat is without whisker and eyelashes. Legs are long as well as slender. The chest is barrel-shaped. The tail is also long and tapering. Wrinkles are partly on the head, body, and legs. The skin is pigmented. They can be white, brown, lavender, black, and red in color.