The white cat's appearance is captivating and fanciful. The other colors in cats' is black, brown, gray, and orange. Several pet owners classify their white cats as rare and hard to breed. In fact, in some of the white cats' TYR genes are related to melanin pigmentation. Such a pure albino cat's melanin TYR gene is missing or damaged. It reaches the next generation through genes. Melanin affects the color of not just that fur but eyes and skin also.

The white cat and albino cat have a white coat in common. That is why the cat purchaser is deceived. The white cats have distinct eye colors like blue, green, almond whereas albino possesses only transparent eyes which may look like pale blue, pinkish, or pinkish-blue. These colors are not reflective of pigment; the color is of the blood vessels. Albino cats are more prone to health problems. So the white cats differ from albinos on the following;-

  • Genetic make-up
  • Pigmentation of skin and fur
  • Health issues like deafness

Top 16 Breeds of White Cats to Have as a Pet

People love to keep the white cat as a pet but they are not aware of the breeds of the white cats. Here we are listing 16 breeds of white cats to have as a pet:

Pet White Cat Looking Seriously

American Curl

This cat is friendly and loves to be part of the family. They enjoy being on the lap or shoulder and are very loving. These cats are playful and possess curled ears.

American Shorthair

Friendly and easy-going cat pet. They are found in many colors and patterns. White breed among them is also prevalent. They are versatile by nature and enjoy interactive and hunting toys. It is 8-10 inches long with a weight of 10-15 pounds. These agile cats possess short and dense fur.

British Shorthair

This medium-sized breed from Great Britain goes to the family just to share a moment. The cat bonds with the family very well. It has an appealing round huge face and head. The broad ears, big eyes, and short and smooth fur make it look beautiful. Life longevity is 15-20 years.

Cornish Rex

This cat has lovable behavior and the owner regaled. It is very socially energetic and active. It is bold enough to remove food from your plate, fetching and retrieving games engages it well. Good at jumping climb the highest point in the room. The fur is silky, wavy, and tight.

Devon Rex

This cat is adorable loving and irresistible to all age groups. It will soon become an indispensable part of your life. In an appearance with large eyes elephant ears conspicuous cheekbones and slender neck. It resembles a cartoon character with missing whiskers. The short, wavy fur can be white or in other colors. Its height is 10-12 inches and weighs 8-10 pounds

Japanese Bobtail

This cat replies with a wide range of tones akin to singing. They love to converse. This medium-sized cat has origins in Japan. The appearance is big ears, a short pom-pom tail which forms a curl into a corkscrew shape, and long legs. Life longevity is 9-13 years.

Maine Coon

This friendly cat is a favorite of sailors as the breed enjoys travel. They get pleasure in sharing the owner's active lifestyle. Moreover, the cat loves to travel. It is easy to leash train the cat. The cat has thick long fur and exists in several colors and patterns. The height is 10-16 inches and weighs around 10-25 pounds. The built is muscular. The ears look like antennae.

Norwegian Forest Cat

This medium-sized cat is known for its detective nature. The eyes are green. Its origin is from Scandinavia. The longevity is 9-15 years.


This slender athletic chatty medium-sized cat bonds well with the owner and the family. They relish attention. The large ears help them to hear the quietest sound followed by an investigation of the site. It comes in several colors including white. The origin of the cat is from England. The lifespan is 8-12 years. Height is 8-10 inches. It weighs around 6-12 pounds. The head is angular ears are large and eyes almond-shaped.


This charming easy-going medium-sized lap cat has long silky fur and bonds well and stays committed. The place of origin is Iran. They come in several colors but white is very popular. The preference of the cat is quiet and predictable surroundings. They possess large round eyes, small stocky legs forward tilting ears, and medium tails. The longevity is 10-18 years.

Scottish Fold

This doe-eyed, round-faced cat is known for its companionship with one person they think as its own. It loves to play fetch the object game. The ears are forward-folded.


This simple fearless agile stocky cat can withstand the harsh winters of Russia. The able-body low-maintenance adventurous cat is covered with a dense undercoat and water-resistant fur. These cats exist in several colors and patterns. The height is 9-11 inches and weighs 10-20 pounds. The cat has a fascination for water, it intentionally drops objects in water and then fishes it out.


This breed relishes doing monkey-style acrobats and for this, it demands total attention. The skin is bare and wrinkly, helicopter ears and dog-like wagging tails.

Turkish Angora

This Turkish medium-sized energetic and assertive cat has a way to occupy itself in activities like chasing the sunbeams. They also prefer interactive play. It will surprise you by jumping suddenly from any part of the room. They exist in different colors including white. The nose is medium length, has silky fur, and has large ears. They live up to 12-18 years. The height is 8-10 inches and weighs 7-14 pounds. The body is muscular with long legs and dense fur. The eyes are almond-shaped. These cats are good swimmers.

European Shorthair

This affectionate intelligent frolic loving patterned muscular cat is among the oldest cat breeds in Europe. It exists in several colors including white. The height is 12-14 inches and weighs 8-15 pounds. The cat has a stocky body and thick fur and a round face.


The white medium-sized cat from Thailand has no patches of color all through the body. All kittens are born white and some develop color as they mature. These cats demand attention and bond well with families. They get vocal when they desire something. The head of the cat is triangular long ears and almond-shaped eyes. They reach a height of 8-10 inches and weigh 8-10 pounds.

Interesting White Cat Statistics

  • 5% of the total populace is pure white
  • 15-40% among the 5% may possess one or both eyes as blue
  • 60-80% among the total pure white cats possessing one or both blue eyes may be deaf
  • 60-80% of the 5% with green eyes may be deaf.
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Are White Cats Bad Luck?

All of us have heard unrealistic and strange superstitions regarding black cats. Even black felines have legends, symbolism, and superstitions attached to them. These differ country-wise. The belief for instance says that certain consequences will happen if you touch a long-haired cat.

In several countries around the world white cats stand for good luck because their color is associated with purity and positivity. When and how white cats cross your path in certain regions around the world associate them with bad luck in the form of unemployment or on-the-job crises.

In North America, white cats and babies are to be kept separately at a distance because the cat may feel vulnerable to the purity and innocence of the baby and may curse the child. However, in Mediterranean countries, if a white cat begins to like a child it is believed that as an adult the child will become a successful good person.

In Russia, a white cat is associated with the enhancement of money. Even if a neighbor's cat visits you the belief is money will come to the family. However, in UK white cats at home means the difficult time lies ahead.

A white cat crossing the path in the streets means good luck will follow. It is more certain if you greet the cat and it returns it meows. Whereas in England the belief is never to annoy or irritate a white cat as it remembers grudges for a long time. By presenting the cat with kindness or food will lead to blessings and good luck.

Thus white cats stand for rebirth, joy, prosperity, and healing. The farmers make offering to cats for a good harvest.

Are White Cats Good Pets?

Several people refrain from keeping white cats because of incorrect information that white cats are lazy and unresponsive. In countries like Japan, China, and the remaining countries people keep a white cat as a pet because they believe that happiness, good fortune, and purity will enter their homes. It is best to recognize the fact that not all white cats are deaf.

The snow-white splendor of the white cat is a beautiful sight. White cat makes good pets because they are not only appealing active and playful they are also interactive. The friendly nature of the pet makes them good for families' children and other pets as well. The playful cat can fetch, bury and swim to the delight of the owners. The owners will, however, are required to keep the fur clean on daily basis.

Are all White Cats rare?

Only 5% of the total general cat population is white cats. The albino type makes just 2% of the feline population. The white cat can be with long hair, short-haired, or hairless.