Up to 12 Inches
Up to 15 Years
Up to 12 Inches
Up to 15 Years

Popularly known for its 'dog-like' appearance and nature, Peterbald cats are truly one of a kind. They are a new Russian breed of cats that have been in existence for not more than three decades. They developed from the cross-breeding of an Oriental Shorthair cat and a Don Sphynx cat. Consequently, they borrow some of their characteristics from both of these breeds.

Peterbalds have a very unique and elegant appearance. Another thing they are known for is their hair. They vary a lot in terms of their hair. While some of the Peterbald cats are completely bald without any hair even on their eyebrows and eyelashes, the others can have a complete coat of hair. 

Peterbald cats are quite friendly and affectionate. They are very quick to bond with all the family members. One can always find the pet Peterbald sticking around their favorite humans, lying under their feet, climbing on their laps, or just roaming around them. This breed of cat possesses all the qualities to be a good family pet. Besides their social nature, they are very active and love to play around with others.

However, it's important to understand that they are indoor pets and the outings should be limited. Apart from that, they are low-maintenance and keep the home lively. To know more about the pet Peterbald cats, their behavior, and care methods, dive right into the article. 

Distinctive Features of Peterbald 

Breed NamePeterbald
Lifespan10-15 years
Size8-12 inches
Weight6-10 pounds
ColorVarious colors and patterns
CoatHairless or with a fine coat ranging from bald to a thin, velvety texture
Health riskModerate (may be prone to certain skin and respiratory issues)
Unique traitHairless or partially hairless coat
Famous forUnique appearance and elegance
TemperamentIntelligent, affectionate, and social
AdaptabilityModerate (can adapt to different environments with proper care)
BehaviorGenerally good with children
PersonalityPlayful, active, and curious
SocialGenerally social and enjoy human and animal companionship

Originating from Russia, Peterbald cats possess a lot of qualities that make them a good choice for a pet-loving family. Apart from their unique appearance partially borrowed by the Donskoy cat, they have several other qualities of their own. They are gentle creatures but are very playful, active, and agile. They have a high level of intelligence and are quick to learn new things. They can be a little mischievous at times (in a good way) and are a big attention-seeker.

So, it wouldn't be wrong to assume that they seek owners who love to look at them and play with them. Or, the pet Peterbald may end up feeling lonely. Before discussing other features, here's a small list of their basic characteristics.

Apart from the qualities discussed so far, here are a few other things that would help the owners to gain better knowledge about the Peterbald cats.

Peterbald cats are highly social and love to spend time with others. They get along very well with humans of all ages. One may also keep them with other pets. 
Peterbald cats may seem aggressive at times but they are very loyal and respectful towards their owners and the people they love. They need training from the first day because that's what determines their attitude.

The texture, pattern, and density of their hair cannot be determined at the time of birth. They may change within the first two years and would remain the same afterward. 
Another noteworthy feature is their oval paws accompanied by long webbed fingers and toes. It helps the pet Peterbald to grab, hold, and play with different sorts of objects. 

Sometimes, they can try to be vocal for communication purposes. The owners should encourage this habit and help them with the communication process.

Peterbald Cat Close Image
Brown Peterbald Cat Sitting Quietly

How to Take Care of Pet Peterbald?

The owners of Peterbald cats need not worry too much about pet care. Peterbalds are not very demanding in any aspect except that they need a lot of attention. If the owners have enough time to play and interact with them, the rest of the things are easy to care for. Needless to say, proper meals and hygienic living conditions are essential for Peterbalds, as for any other pet. They should be bathed at least once a week to remove oil and dirt from their bodies.

They are not very suitable for outings. Like most of the other cats, they don't have a coat to protect them from harmful elements. So, it's better to keep them inside the home as much as possible. They should be kept under supervision while playing with the kids or any other pets. (Not because they are harmful but they are the ones who may get harmed.)

What to Feed Pet Peterbald? 

Since they have a lack of fur, their metabolism is high which implies that they have a relatively greater appetite than the other breeds of cats. They can eat up to 4-5 times a day. The owners can either keep the food out for the whole day, leaving it on the cat to decide their meal-time, or serve them food at fixed times. The owners can go with standard cat food to feed the cat. However, it is important to note that the food should be high in protein and very low in carbohydrates. Providing them with a large amount of carbohydrates can cause obesity, diabetes, and other health-related issues.

What are the Health Concerns of Pet Peterbald? 

Peterbald cats don't have much of any breed-related disease, which is a great advantage when it comes to healthcare. Although, their hairless body can be a little problematic. Let's have a look at some of the potential health problems and their resolutions.

  • Peterbald cats, like any other cat, are vulnerable to weight-related issues. Therefore, a proper diet and an adequate amount of exercise are essential to keep them fit and fine. 
  • Unlike other breeds of cats, Peterbald cats don't have a protective layer of fur over their bodies. It makes them susceptible to injuries. Hence, it is important to keep an eye on them.
  • This lack of a protective layer also makes them sensitive to varying temperatures. Hence, they should not be kept in very cold or very hot temperatures or they may fall ill.
  • Peterbald cats have delicate skin and nothing to protect it. It is essential to bathe them and wipe them regularly to keep their skins healthy, free from any toxins or any other harmful elements. 

What is it Like to Keep Pet Peterbald?

Peterbald cats are a pleasure to keep as a pet for a million reasons. Even though the list is endless, here are a few merits the owners will have if they are accompanied by a pet Peterbald.

  • Loyal friendship: Having a pet Peterbald is equivalent to having a loyal friend who will stand beside you in all your ups and downs. Once emotionally attached to a human, Peterbald cats would never leave their sides.
  • Prank partner: Peterbald cats love to try new tricks and are a suitable partner-in-crime. They are perfect for the people who like to keep pulling sweet little pranks. 
  • Someone to play with: As already mentioned a few times, Peterbald cats are very energetic and can play all day. So, they can be very entertaining for children or anyone who likes to play with their pets.
  • Effortless care: Even though the Peterbald cats need some amount of care, it is not really much. They will stay in the family just like any other family member. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Peterbald Cat

Some of the generally asked questions are answered below:

Are Peterbald cats completely hairless?

No, not all Peterbald cats are completely hairless. They can have different coat types, including bald (completely hairless), velour (short, fine coat), brush (sparse coat with longer guard hairs), and straight (normal coat). The degree of hairlessness can vary among individual cats within the breed.

Are Peterbald cats rare?

Yes, Peterbald cats are one of the rarest exotic species in the world.

Do Peterbald cats require special grooming?

Yes, Peterbald cats require regular grooming despite their lack of hair. Hairless and partially hairless varieties may need occasional baths to remove natural skin oils and prevent skin issues. Additionally, they may require moisturizing lotions or sunblock for their exposed skin when spending time outdoors.

Are Peterbald cats hypoallergenic?

Even though they have minimum to no hair, they are not hypoallergenic. If someone is allergic to cats, they need to check if they are being triggered by this breed. 

Are Peterbald cats friendly?

Peterbald cats are friendly towards their owners and other favorite humans. They get along well with other pets too.

Is Peterbald a Sphynx?

Peterbald and Sphynx do have a similar appearance but they are two different breeds of cats.

Are Peterbald cats aggressive?

They can be aggressive but they are respectful and affectionate towards their owners. If trained well, they will become adept at handling their temperament.