Up to 3 Inches
Up to 3 Years
Up to 3 Inches
Up to 3 Years

For all the people who like their aquariums to look eye-pleasing, firefish goby is one of the best choices of fish to keep. Firefish goby is a saltwater fish highly appreciated for its mesmerizing look. Hailing from the Indian and Pacific Oceans, these fish are mainly found at the bottom of the seas. They live around the reefs feeding on the small invertebrates they hunt themselves. They are also known as 'dartfish' as they tend to hide themselves very quickly. It is mostly when they feel frightened by someone or something. In an aquarium setup, they are generally kept single or in mated pairs. 

Firefish gobies have a quiet peaceful behavior. This makes them perfect for keeping in a tank with other species. They may hesitate a lot in the beginning and keep themselves hidden. However, once they feel comfortable enough, they are no less than a dither fish. They won't only socialize themselves but also cheer up every other fish around them. Not only do they possess the qualities of being a good pet fish but are also low-maintenance. They are suitable for beginners as well.

Nevertheless, prior knowledge is needed to make sure that the fish grows to be happy and healthy. Here's all the information one would need regarding the same.

Distinctive Features of Firefish Goby 

Scientific NameNemateleotris magnifica
LifespanUp to 3 years
ColorVibrant red or orange body with iridescent blue and yellow fins
SizeUp to 3 inches
Health RiskLow
Tank SizeMinimum 20 gallons
Water pH8.1-8.4
Filter RequirementModerate
TankmatesPeaceful and non-aggressive fish
Unique TraitElongated body and distinctive swimming behavior
Famous ForStriking colors and graceful movements
TemperamentPeaceful and timid
BehaviorGenerally good with supervised children
PersonalityActive and darting movements
SocialCan be kept individually or in small groups

Popular for their appearance, fire gobies have a long and slim body accompanied by bright and beautiful colors. Their face is bright yellow followed by a whitish body in the front half and reddish in the rear half. This is further beautified by black-colored fins. Their appearance is not the only thing going on for them. There are other features too that make them stand out among the rest. For example, their long dorsal fins that they use for giving signals to other fish. Another use of this dorsal fin is acting as a locking device which is used by the fish to lock themselves in the cracks when a predator tries to pull them outside. 

The fire goby also possesses a swim bladder. The swim bladder, or air bladder, helps the fish to stay at its current depth without expending any energy on swimming. They can do it for a good amount of time which proves to be a great advantage for them as predators. These fish are known to be peaceful and quiet. They are mostly harmless to other fishes in the tank.

However, they may end up getting into a territorial fight with their own species. It happens mostly when they don't get enough space. However, space is not a problem when there is a mated pair. The couple won't mind sharing the space. Moving on, here are some other basic characteristics of the pet fire goby.

Firefish Goby Couple
Firefish Goby Closeup Shot

How to Take Care of a Pet Firefish Goby? 

Firefish gobies make one of the best aquarium fish mostly because they are easy to care for. They are often taken up as the first fish for novice fish-keepers. As they are small in size, they don't even take much space making them suitable for home aquariums. They may be a little frightened at first but they easily adapt to their new environment. However, they should be given the time they need and special attention should be given during this time. Once that phase is over, providing them with an adequate diet, a proper habitat and a happy environment are all they need to live happily. 

How to Setup a Tank for a Pet Firefish Goby? 

Firefish goby is small in size and can be kept in a nano tank. Usually, a tank of 20 gallons would be sufficient. However, if there are more fish in the tank, the size must be increased. As mentioned, these peaceful fish may become territorial if they don’t get enough space. The tank setup should be similar to the reef. Sand, rocks and pebbles can be used as substrates. Anything used for the substrate should be smooth enough that it doesn’t hurt the fish.

Additionally, hollow wood or small pieces of PVC pipes can be included to give them something cave-like to hide. Some coral plants should also be added to give them enough hiding space. It would also be an aid in making their habitat look more familiar. 

Leaving the decoration part aside, adequate water condition is also very essential. The flow of water inside the tank should be strong. The temperature should always be between 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The pH level of the water must lie between 8.1 to 8.4 while the hardness should be between 8 to 12 dGH. Coming to the lighting part, fire gobies are timid and don’t prefer very bright light. Therefore, it is suggested to keep the lights dim. One last thing to note is that these species often jump out of the tank. Since it is not possible to keep an eye on them at all times, it is better to keep the tank tightly enclosed. 

What to Feed a Pet Firefish Goby? 

Firefish gobies are omnivores and accept a wide variety of food. They mostly prefer to feast on algae and zooplankton that grows inside the tank. Apart from that, they can be fed commercial fish food of standard quality. In addition to that, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, and other seafood should also be included in their diets. Freshly chopped veggies also make a good addition to their meals.

Their food should essentially be rich in vitamins. Also, it should be small in size so that they can easily eat and digest without any issues. Furthermore, it is important to keep a check on them during their meal time. Due to their quiet nature, they won't be able to compete with others for food and may end up letting some other fish have their share of food as well. So, the owner should ensure that they eat the food.

Health Concerns for a Pet Firefish Goby 

Firefish gobies are hardy and easily adapt to an aquarium. They are not vulnerable to any species-specific disease. Moreover, they can resist a lot of diseases on their own. Of course, there are chances that they may get affected by some health issues common to all fish, but it can easily be avoided with proper care. There are a few things the owner would need to keep in mind.

For instance, they must never be placed with any aggressive fish. They are easy to bully which may affect them both physically and mentally. Stress and anxiety are the most common cause of any health issue among these species. If they stay unusually isolated, it's better to get them checked. Apart from this, just following all the guidelines discussed above will be sufficient to keep them fit and fine. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Firefish Goby 

Some of the generally asked questions about Firefish Goby are answered below:

How big do firefish gobies get?

Firefish gobies grow up to 3 inches in size.

Can two firefish live together?

Yes, two firefish can live together but only when they are a mated pair or if there is a large amount of space in the aquarium. If they are kept in close vicinity, they may end up quarreling over territories.

Can firefish live with clownfish?

Yes, clownfish are one of the best tankmates for the firefish given that there is sufficient space for everyone.

Can firefish be kept in groups?

In the wild, they are often seen in groups but it may not be suggested in an aquarium setup unless the aquarium is big enough for all.